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Zedlina Foundry Pty Ltd

William Wallbank & Sons Pty Ltd

William James Patterns & Castings

Turville Engineering Pty Ltd

Susie Mclean Casting

Stenco Die Castings Pty Ltd

Spectra Forrester Castings & Forging

Priceless Pieces

Precision Patterns & Castings

Northside Patternmakers

N.G.S. Engineering Pty Ltd

Kirrawee Castings Pty Ltd

Kegg R E Manufacturing Pty Ltd

JJK Australia Designs

Intercast & Forge

Industrial Foundry Castings Pty Ltd

Hycast Metals Pty Ltd

Hutchinson Bros Pty Ltd

Godfrey Castings Pty Ltd

Fidax Foundry Pty Ltd

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